Extreme weapon handling training

We organise training courses throughout the year for preparing the prospective examinees for the authority weapon examinations offered by the police. Passing the exam is a prerequisite of keeping any weapon. Our exam oriented training course is a one-day event. Its fee in the case of handguns is HUF 10,000. The fee for handguns and long firearms jointly is HUF 15,000. You may request information about the participation conditions, exact dates and other details in email.

We recommend the extreme weapon handling training for those asset guards, personal protection experts, who successfully completed the advanced training course and who would like to further develop and strengthen their knowledge and skills.


Training material:

  • Development, acceleration of the skills acquired at the advanced training, handling more complex extreme situations and circumstances.
  • The use of covers, the methods of shooting from vehicles are also introduced.
  • Moreover, we exercise the tactical rules of shooting and moving in teams.
  • Implementation of different shooting situation tasks, fighting several targets.
  • Practice against real enemies, in lifelike situations and environments.


Conditions of participation:

  • Successful completion of the basic and advanced training courses, presenting the weapon examination certificate,
  • Certification of psychological and medical fitness, certificate on no criminal record.
  • Payment of a training fee of HUF 5000 per occasion, plus the costs of the shooting grounds, observing the safety rules and the instructions of the trainers.