Special vehicle driving technique training

Exercising unexpected situations in a safe way. When driving a vehicle, we may have to face several different situations that require our immediate reaction. Practically everybody can outline these techniques under quiet, coffee-house circumstances, however, most people did not exercise it in practice or tried to exercise it only rarely. With the assistance of our trainers we provide for our students customised training under safe circumstances, after assessing their knowledge level.

  • Parts of the material of the training:
  • Emergency braking, directed braking.
  • Braking, getting acquainted with the braking distances on slippery roads, on straight and curving tracks.
  • Dodging unexpected obstacles within the braking distance with an increasing speed. Developing individual decision making.
  • Stopping in the case of a brake failure.
  • Reversing manoeuvres.

Training applicants may do the exercises with their OWN vehicles, in order to allow them to get acquainted with the properties of their own vehicles. Exercising is free of charge for the students of Bodyguard trainees, for external applicants the fee is HUF 10,000 (ten thousand) / 2 hours.

Date of the training: coming soon.